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Your Logistics Bracket

March 20, 2017 by InterChez in Tips To Ship By

March is here again and do you know what that means?  Upsets and busted brackets. Brackets are difficult; auditing freight bills does not have to be.

Implementing a freight pay and audit system, or pulling a teammate off the bench to implement a system on your behalf, can drastically improve your logistics game. Review our elite 8 bracket to see the rivalries between the teams who invested in a freight bill audit system and those teams that spent their money on new jerseys instead. See how the benefits of a FBA system drive the teams to the final four. The best part is, the winner of the freight pay and audit bracket is always you and your bottom line. Now that’s a bet you can get behind.

InterChez Logistics freight bill audit bracket

As you can see, an integrated, freight payment system can help your company find cost savings, standardize rates, and neutralize pain points, while improving accuracy and efficiency. Investing in a freight pay and audit system is a safe bet to achieving your cash flow goals.

InterChez would make an excellent member of your freight pay and audit dream team. This is what we bring to the court:

  • Transportation Industry Expertise
  • Real-time Business Intelligence
  • Dedicated accounting team that reviews all transactions for accuracy and timeliness
  • Detailed report of bills processed and reconciled presented to you monthly
  • One system to process and pay all transactions

Contact us for more information on freight bill audit and how InterChez can score nothing but net gains for your company’s team.

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