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Upcoming NMFC Density Changes

August 4, 2017 by InterChez in InterChez, Tips To Ship By

On August 5th, a new rule will go into effect that will change the freight class of some of the most commonly shipped articles.  The Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) will be changing the standard for any density based freight class shipping LTL.

The changes will affect articles having a density between 4 and 6 pounds per cubic foot and any item previously on a 9-sub-provision scale.  Some examples of this are NMFC Codes 156600 (Plastic Articles) 49880 (Clothing) 198080 (Wire Goods) and 138 other density based classifications.

For example: If you ship plastic articles that are classified as NMFC Item 156600 and previously identified as Class 150, your freight will fall under Class 175

A pallet of Plastic Articles that is 48x45x48 has a volume of 60 Cubic Feet.

If that pallet weighs 240-360 lbs, the density of the pallet is between 4-6 lbs per cubic foot. Under the old ruling, this would ship as Class 150.  Under the new ruling, this will ship as Class 175

For help finding the correct NMFC code for your product and determining your freight class, contact InterChez – Operations@InterChez.com / 330-945-5350

For a full list of the affected commodity codes and the full text of the CCSB ruling please visit: http://www.nmfta.org/Dockets/Docket%202017-2/2017-2%20Subject%2016/2017_2_S16_Analysis.pdf

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