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Stow Business Owner Accepted to NMSDC Advanced Management Education Program

June 8, 2012 by InterChez in News

Stow, OH June 13th, 2012 – Sharlene Chesnes, Board Chair of the InterChez® Companies, recently completed the 2012 class of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.® (NMSDC®) Advanced Management Education Program.  This prestigious program is attended exclusively by minority business owners and is presented through the cooperation and coordination of NMSDC and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America, Inc. graciously sponsored Mrs. Chesnes.

“I am humbled and honored that I have been selected to be a part of this exciting and exclusive program and can’t thank Toyota [Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America, Inc.] enough for supporting me as a minority business owner.  I know that I will be receiving vital information on growing our business and will take advantage of this opportunity to its full potential.”

The Advanced Management Education Program is a four day course, focused on companies aiming to accelerate growth and on managing that growth process.  It is held in Evanston, Illinois on Northwestern University’s campus from Sunday, June 3rd through Thursday, June 7th.  Hosting the event, the NMSDC is a partnership that connects corporate America with minority-owned businesses. Chartered in 1972, it has increased procurement and opportunities for all types of

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