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Simplify Your Invoicing Process

June 16, 2016 by InterChez in InterChez, Tips To Ship By

Simplify Your Invoicing Process ImageIn order for your invoice to be accurate, filling out the bill of lading (BOL) correctly is the first step. Many times shippers will provide the carrier with the InterChez BOL, and then also provide their own BOL. This can cause confusion for the carrier when the information varies on the paperwork.

When multiple BOL’s are provided, it can create many billing errors, especially in terms of the Bill To. If the Bill To is different, the carrier will select the Bill To that is on the first page of the BOL’s provided. Many times, if a shipper uses their own companies BOL, they could have different Bill To’s for specific customers. If the wrong Bill To is used it can cause the invoice to be incorrect or to be sent to the wrong location. It could also result in the application of the wrong pricing programs. By using multiple BOL’s, sometimes the reference numbers or other pertinent information can be missed, such as any guarantee information.

Because the BOL is a legally binding document, it is imperative that the correct information is provided. The BOL should include the following information: shipper, consignee, bill to, pieces, weight, description, class, NMFC number, other needed reference numbers, PO#s, and guarantee information. Having one BOL with all of this information will alleviate any invoicing errors up front.

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