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InterChez and the Logistics of Gambling

June 19, 2014 by InterChez in Portfolio

InterChez and the Logistics of Gambling


Ohio wasn’t the only one that got caught up in the excitement and hubbub of the state’s casino debut;

the same bug bit InterChez, and we are delighted to say that we supplied transportation for the Hollywood Casino in Toledo, the Scioto Downs racetrack in Columbus, and the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland; we also provided the Horseshoe Casino with goods warehousing. We transported and stored elevated floors supplied by Access Floors for both the glamorous Horseshoe Casino located in the historic Higbee Building of downtown Cleveland and Columbus’ fast-paced Scioto Downs racetrack. Subsequently, InterChez transportation transferred architectural handrails and steel columns manufactured by the Recreational Development Company, LLC, of Nevada (RDCNV) to their final destination: Toledo’s Hollywood Casino.

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