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InterChez and Cleveland Museum of Art

June 19, 2014 by InterChez in Portfolio

InterChez and Cleveland Museum of Art


With the completion of Phase I of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s renovations, patrons entering the Breuer entrance will be dazzled by a stunning structural glass entrance wall, clerestory, vestibule, and doors.

The new glass façade features 2.5m x 5m laminated glass panes connected to moment fixed glass fins. In addition, the Breuer building showcases a completely frameless, free-standing 3m x 3m x8m glass elevator, free of structural supports.

The renovation of the 1916 Beaux-Arts building similarly employs the structural glass designs of the National Enclosure Company (NEC) and German-based MERO-TSK. Renovations include installation of a high-performance, factory-glazed unitized skylight system as well as a lay-light system of laminated glass above each gallery to provide optimal, natural lighting for the exhibitions in question.

The NCE and MERO-TSK also designed the structural glass façade for the new sculpture gallery, as well as the laminated structural glass corridor and bridge connecting the new gallery to the 1916 building. The gallery’s 4m-tall façade features a 1m-deep “dual wall” constructed exclusively of glass and excluding structural supports. Similarly, laminated structural glass alone – complete with glass rafters and roof – supports the corridor and bridge leading to the Beaux-Arts building.

InterChez Global Services, Inc., is proud to have contributed to this monumental and stunning renovation by coordinating the glass shipments from Germany and ensuring their safe arrival at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Details for this post have been gleaned from e-architect’s release “Cleveland Museum of Art: Information + Images” (http://www.nationalenclosure.com/uploads/files/E-Architecture%20News%20Release%207-30-2010.pdf). The National Enclosure Company, LLC, is a subsidiary of National Construction Enterprises; for more information, please visit www. Nationalenclosure.com. MERO Structures, Inc., is the American division of the MERO-TSK companies based in Wuerzburg, Germany; for more information, please visit www.mero-structures.com.

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