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Improper Freight Classification Can Lead to Excessive Freight Charges

January 18, 2016 by InterChez in InterChez, Tips To Ship By

When insufficient information to properly classify a shipment is on the original BOL, a NMFC Item number 999998-XX may be used to classify the shipment. Listed below is valuable information on when the carrier may apply this item number.

If you contact InterChez prior to shipping, we will provide you with the proper NMFC number and freight class to continuously improve the process.

If supporting documentation is required to determine proper freight classification, it can be in the form of a website link, a catalog page, or commercial invoice.

If the actual NMFC item number is density based, please include dimensions and weight so the density can be verified.

When a BOL lacks any or all of the following bullet points below, the Carrier may use total shipment density to assign the shipment a generic NMFC class based on the table below.  A minimum assigned NMFC class 150 will be used.

  • Valid NMFC item numbers
  • Subs if applicable
  • An NMFC class entry
  • Lists one or more NMFC classes (i.e. “Class 50” or “FAK 50”)

Carriers will reclassify based on their own classification procedures outlined in their rules tariff. If a different class is determined to be valid, a Weight & Inspection (W&I) correction will change the shipment to the correct density-based class.

Average Density Assigned NMFC Class
Less than 1 PCF 500
1 PCF but less than 2 PCF 400
2 PCF but less than 3 PCF 300
3 PCF but less than 4 PCF 250
4 PCF but less than 5 PCF 200
5 PCF but less than 6 PCF 175
6 PCF but less than 7 PCF 150
7 PCF but less than 8 PCF 125
8 PCF but less than 9 PCF 110
9 PCF but less than 10.5 PCF 100
10.5 PCF but less than 12 PCF 92.5
12 PCF but less than 13.5 PCF 85
13.5 PCF but less than 15 PCF 77.5
15 PCF but less than 22.5 PCF 70
22.5 PCF but less than 30 PCF 65

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