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How to Handle Damaged Freight and Filing Claims

March 16, 2016 by InterChez in InterChez, Tips To Ship By

Freight claims for your damaged or lost products can be difficult and time-consuming. InterChez can help by mitigating the process, providing the right information, and you benefit from the relationships we have with the carriers. We offer the following freight claims services:

InterChez Claims ServicesClaims
We offer freight claims expertise. Proactively follow up on open claims and provide status updates to our customers.
InterChez Claims ServicesCommunication
We work with our carrier partners & provide transparent communication throughout the entire freight claims process.


InterChez Claims ServicesReview
Review and process all freight claims from beginning to end.
InterChez Claims ServicesEducation
Provide proactive education to our clients & carriers to decrease freight claims.


InterChez Claims ServicesPolicies
Keep parties compliant with all policies and regulations of our clients, carriers, & industry standards.
InterChez Claims ServicesPayment
Process checks & ensure all parties are paid in a timely manner when a claim has been resolved.


What is a claim?

If in the event that a shipment is damaged or lost in transit, a claim can be filed to recover all or some of the loss. There are 3 types of claims.

  1. Visible damage
  2. Lost or partial loss
  3. Concealed damage

How does the claims process work?

When a shipment is delivered damaged, lost, or has concealed damage, it is the client’s responsibility to report it to InterChez within 5 days of delivery. Damaged products should be signed for on the delivery receipt or bill of lading as proof. Once it has been reported, InterChez will start the claims process by reporting the intent to file a claim to the carrier and providing the client with a claim form. Once the client completes the claim form in its entirety, they will send this along with the supporting documentation back to InterChez. We will then use that information to file a claim. Unless the client has more information or other information is requested from them, InterChez will handle the process through its completion, providing updates along the way. It is important to note that the process may take several months to complete and you should pay the freight bill as normal.

What is concealed damage and what makes it different?

Concealed damage is damage to a product that is not discovered until after it has been signed clear at the time of delivery. It is important to note that concealed damage must be reported and filed within 5 days of delivery. A carrier is not required to pay a concealed damage claim, but in some cases, they will pay in full or will pay for a third of the requested amount. The consignee should always check the product before signing for it.

What should be done with the damaged goods?

Damaged product should be kept until the claim is closed. Carriers will often require an inspection, so the product must be available for them. If it is not available, they may deny the claim.

InterChez Loss / Damage Claim Forms

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