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Automated Freight Pay & Audit

InterChez ensures accuracy and efficiency with your freight bill payment and audit needs. As a transportation industry expert, we provide tailored solutions for your company and develop pre-audit standards to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Cloud Based Freight Audit Solution

Our cloud based, automated FBA solution provides your company with real-time analytics of current freight activity and audited carrier bills. Our innovative platform allows you to retain all of your existing carrier contracts and payment terms for a seamless transition that doesn’t disrupt your supply chain.

InterChez’s innovative Freight Bill Audit solution determines freight bill accuracy by utilizing machine learning to compare rates, accessorials, and fuel surcharges against carrier contracts and previous freight bill activity allowing the system to continuously improve itself overtime.

Along with helping your company find cost savings by evaluating carrier performance to highlight inefficiencies, we’ve integrated predictive analytics to provide you with extensive customized reporting and forecasting capabilities.. You can choose to have detailed reports that include all freight bill and claims activity delivered to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In an addition, InterChez can handle all billing exceptions and claims on your behalf saving you time, money and resources. Interested in finding out more about our industry leading automated freight pay & audit solution? Contact us!


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